Monday, January 28, 2013

Drew Barrymore Debuts Make-up Line; You Wanna Look Like Her?

Barrymore promotes Flower wearing flannel over a gown; is she drinking again?

Last week Drew Barrymore introduced her own line of cosmetics called Flower at Walmart. Barrymore tried her best to promote the product on various talk shows; my peeps behind the scenes at the chat shows tell me; though sweet, people were laughing behind Barrymore’s back at the thought she could sell people her “look” even people who shop at Walmart want to look better than that.

Many think Barrymore should rethink her brand, with her baby shit colored hair, horrible fashion sense and annoying lisp, insiders advise she would be better at selling fishing rods or used cars. Many are giggling at the beauty salon with the news that Barrymore wants to go into fashion next; Lord help us.

At least when Barrymore worked for the Cover Girl brand she looked great, now the once box office sensation looks more like a lumber jack in Alaska then a rich celebrity. A top hair guru told me that Barrymore is getting too old to have such dark hair color and needs to go lighter to soften her look.

My spies tell me Barrymore’s make-up isn’t exactly flying off the shelves at Walmart but maybe with a new baby and husband, Barrymore should take some time off; isn’t it about time celebrities should stop being so greedy and stop making socks, make-up, HIV home kits and various other crap and just stick to acting or singing for a change?