Saturday, February 2, 2013

I’ll Have A Seabiscuit With Fries; Burger King Uses Horse Meat.

Burger King finally admitted this week that some of its burgers in Britain and Ireland included horsemeat. Now many in the U.S wonder if their Whopper was so good because it had a bit of “Black Beauty” in it.

Some muscle heads can rejoice; horsemeat actually contains just as much protein and is much leaner than beef, according to nutritionists. I’ve also heard over the years that Water bugs have lots of protein as well; what’s next, people eating something that lives at the bottom of the sea; that lives on urine and feces? Oh yeah people eat that already, shrimp.

Horsemeat is commonly eaten in France and other parts of Europe and the world. But in the U.S. and UK, horses are more often seen as pets and are used to carry around big assed tourist in New York’s Central Park; who knew “Wilbur” would go well with a large fries and Coke.

Burger King said there is no horse meat in any of its grease chains in the U.S; are we suppose to believe them? I don’t think so; to be honest horse meat sounds like one of the only ingredients you could recognize on their food labels; what does that tell you?

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a little “Warhorse” in our life if we’ve had fast food burgers; I for one like making my burgers at home; at least if I get the urge to graze it will be because I had good sex, and not because just ate a Whopper at Burger King.