Monday, April 15, 2013

First Airline Charging By Weight; Kirstie Alley Vows Revenge.

A popular Airline use to say, “Come fly the friendly skies;” now it’s like they’re saying, “You’ll pay for those big thighs.”

Samoa Air has started charging it’s passengers by how much they weigh. When you book your ticket online you have to give your weight. For those of you who still like giving your high school weight; be warned you’ll be weighed at the airport like a bag of coffee beans as well. Make sure you’re honest, or Tamika at the Delta counter will love to roll her eyes and announce loudly, “Pay up heifer!” when the scale says 173 and you put 125.

Airlines have been crying fake tears for years that they’ve been losing money; not so when all the major airlines boasted healthy profits in 2012. Fuel and added security have gone up over the years but the airlines have started charging for everything (soon they will charge to breathe on a plane) one airline has announced it will soon put in pay toilets (I bet the 16oz iced tea is on them)

One benefit of charging by weight; if you’re traveling with small kids (who usually get charged adult fares) Parents will save there. Many big boned travelers are stressed that they will be paying the equivalent of a first class ticket to sit in Coach. I myself have been stuck in the middle of two obese people and it was not a pleasant 5 hour flight; in situations like this; I shouldn’t have to suffer and they should pay for two seats and have the extra room for themselves.

Many other airlines are thinking of doing the same thing; which has me wondering; what will they charge for next on airplanes?