Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Balls In Our Court: First NBA Player In History Comes Out.


At 7 feet tall, basketball player Jason Collins, 34, doesn't have to worry about too many people stepping all over him.
Many little boys and girls dream of being a basketball player for the NBA and probably think life is just grand, but for Collins it hasn’t been all sports cars and dollar bills.

Many days he had to sit silently through his life, rather it was listening to the faggot jokes in the locker room to-not having a loved one waiting for him in the bleachers when he had a successful game.

Hottie Collins has kept a secret for years while playing professional basketball; he’s gay; which makes him the first openly gay player in sports, who’s currently still playing on a team.

There are many more closeted athletes in sports, and I’m sure many will never come out, and that’s OK, im just glad that Collins did, because there are young boys and girls sitting in their rooms, in horror that they are gay; maybe some of those boys and girls want to play professional basketball and before Collins came out, they felt it’s a dream they could never achieve because of the blatant homophobia in sports; now they have a fighting chance.

When the bullshit dies down and Collins goes back to play, it will be his skill and not who he beds at night that matters.

Thanks for coming out Jason, gay kids need role models too, we love you.