Sunday, June 1, 2014

I Want It All

   I WANT IT all. I’m greedy for love and the next lover who’ll give me butterflies and not indigestion. I’d like a new career; where I make more money and honestly enjoy what I do for a living. I want bars to be like they were back in the day, or like I think they were back in the day.

I want to able to smile at a stranger and when they don’t smile back, get over it and still smile at someone else because it’s a good feeling. I want to believe in government, and not feel like I need a long shower after politician talks on TV.

I want my dog to stay the same age and never get old and have to be put to sleep. I want people that have dogs in New York to be ashamed if they don’t pick up dog crap and not leave it for someone to step into. I’d like friends to agree with me and realize that I know it all. I want friends who have a 50/50 chance of telling someone off; this way when I do it, it’s not so shocking.

I want to eat a box of See’s chocolate a week and not put on any weight. I’d like my gym to make it mandatory for ugly people to keep their clothes on at all times in the locker-room. I want fat people to lose weight and skinny people to stop wearing skinny jeans.

I want rich people to stop getting better tax breaks then the middleclass. I’d like poor people who protest the rich; to at least get a decent hair cut, stop piercing things and throw out all their flannel shirts. I’d like the $99 cents store to only charge $99 cents, and not try to temp me with $2.99 lady bug picture frames.

I want it all. I’ll settle for second best. I’d never be happy with mediocrity.