Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Andy Cohen: Gay and Here to Stay.

When “Watch What Happens Live” premiered in 2009, it was just a little show on Bravo that aired once or twice a week to promote Bravo’s “Housewives” and “Top Chef” franchises and nothing more. Many in the industry didn’t think much of it. It barely got mentioned in the press or reviews. Then just like “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” something magical happened; Andy Cohen, with his “clubhouse” set, drunken guest and weird eyes that seem crossed at times did something unmanageable in these days of late night gab shows; he keeps you awake! I don’t want to go beddy bye after watching “Live,” I want to party with Andy and his guest.

Andy Cohen; for you feet lovers-you lil devils.
Unlike the coven of women who park their behinds on “The View” and seem lost at times; AC actually knows pop culture and who everyone is; He may have a sassy Jackee Harry on one week, followed by a confused Jerry Seinfeld the next; all are treated the same as AC can talk to anyone and make it interesting and funny. One of the great things about Bravo and why the network succeeds, it’s very interactive with fans. AC will take questions directly from Facebook andTwitter fans (if their interesting enough) to ask his guest; it makes for great TV as you never know how the question will be answered or mocked.

Some people really hate Andy Cohen. When telling a couple of friends I was writing an article about AC I was greeted with turned up noses; which surprises me but I would be a liar if I didn’t admit to hearing, “I hate that guy!” when AC is mentioned sometimes; maybe they’re just jealous and don’t get his pop culture references. On the other hand there are some people who want to bed him. Personally he's not my type (Sorry but thick grey hair on men makes me think of Bea Arthur; and I don't want to bed Bea Arthur!) I want to be his Andy's BFF, and I suspect besides his “young daddy” looks, a lot of people feel like they are letting a old friend, or more like a cool uncle (who’ll let you sip his beer) into their homes each night.

All those "club house" drinks didn't hurt Andy's bod.
Hopefully now that “Live” is a hit for Bravo it won’t lose its unpredictability; so our AC (who’s also an executive at the network) won’t have to change format to compensate some guest; or please some new “mom jeans” wearing creative head at Bravo.

So be damned I will admit it! Andy Cohen melts my margarine and makes me laugh out loud.

Andy Cohen's last book, "Most Talkative" debuted on The New York Time's top 10 list in it's first week on sale; go Andy!

Watch What Happens Live airs Sunday to Thursday on Bravo @ 11: pm eastern.