Sunday, April 13, 2014

Has Facebook Made Us Less Sympathetic?

A friend of mine just survived from a suicide attempt. I had noticed for a while that they we’re down a lot and when I saw them in person I tried to give them encouragement. What kills me is no other of this persons friends ever made any effort to support them. Many of these friends are mutual friends of mine on Facebook and it burns my pie crust to think most people these days will LIKE the hell out of what Kim Kardashian is wearing, but won’t take the time to help a friend in need.

Has the Facebook generation raised a bunch of narcissists? I sure as hell think so. Being online sometimes gives you a chance to be the person you wished you we’re, and sometimes even be another whole person. You are encouraged to post every minute thing you accomplish from “eating a waffle,” to showing 98 photos from your trip to New Jersey.

I’ve had friends not text me back for days but then post bullshit on Facebook about “how to be a good friend.” How about trying to be kind and thoughtful in person instead of posting crap online that doesn’t mean anything and is just part of the grinder of careless information that is said one day and forgotten the next? I guess I’ll have to post this on Facebook to find out—laughing out loud.