Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why Is Cable TV So Damn Expensive?

Ever open your monthly cable bill and want to cry? And wonder why in hell are you spending over a hundred dollars a month to watch television?

Some people are making demands to get a law passed where you only pay for the channels you watch, and I think that’s a wonderful idea. Of course the cable companies don’t want that but it will eventually happen; why should I pay for the Hungarian Polka channel when I just care about Bravo TV?
Cable companies spill their champagne and say they can’t afford to do pay-for-channels because the TV networks charge too much; I say the TV companies will get less Grinch-like when they lose business 100%. TV channels make so much off advertising; they can afford to charge the cable companies less; why should the public be getting screwed in every direction without even a dinner first?
Last year in Canada the government said that the country was going to begin requiring cable providers to unbundle the television service they offer, allowing customers to pick and choose which stations they’re willing to pay to watch. Hell to the yeah—where do I sign up?
Would you keep ABC to watch shows like Revenge?
Some American’s have been pushing for a law that would make all cable companies offer pay-for-what-you-want, but so far no laws have been passed as of yet. John McCain Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013 hasn’t moved since it was introduced in May and many predict it has a 1% chance of getting passed.

Of course the television industry is likely to fight such legislation because they make way-too much money. If the law did go into effect many predict that only 20 stations would survive the fallout and I say GOOD! Do we really need so many channels and so many TV shows? I don’t think so. Also with Netflix and other online sources, many have already decided to kiss their regular cable goodbye.