Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Justin Bieber: Naked In Front Of His Granny; File This Under; Gross.

Justin Bieber, 19, can't keep his clothes on, and seems to be in competition with Lady GaGa when it comes to dropping panties for any reason, and a lot of young girls are popping their hymens while eye-balling the sassy, little teenage dreams pictures.

What's really gross is Bieber got naked in front of his grandma; here's the scoop; pictures courtesy of TMZ.

The Bieb's was home for Thanksgiving, and staying at his grandmother's place. As the family gathered over a table of turkey and all the trimmings, Bieb's was still sleeping off Lord-knows-what, but as he awoke around 2 or 3 in the afternoon in his best jammies, he thought it would be "funny" to knock on granny's door, butt naked and singing with a  guitar.

Everyone was said to laugh at the "prank" because they like Biebers fame and money. Granny was overheard by a family member later in the day,  remarking, "I thought I'd get a turkey leg for Thanksgiving, and all I saw was giblets."

Of course I want to know; what pervert shot the photos, and worse yet, sold them to TMZ? Also I love that he shows his bare butt, with God's picture on his back leg; talk about weird!

Who knows what Bieber will do, or take off next, but a world full of teenage girls and older gay men will be waiting with a bottle of Rite Aid lotion, watching.