Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Family Sue State & Bullies Who Teased Son Until He Hung Himself.

Little 12-year-old Joel Morales tried to go to school like other little boys and girls but he stood out. He was a small framed boy, who was very short for his age, stuttered, had problems with motor skills and was prone to anxiety attacks; in the end he was a perfect target for bullies. His torture only ended after he hung himself in his parents bathroom.

Even after the Morales family complained to the Board of Education, nothing was done. When the school finally moved Joel Morales to another nearby school, the bullies from the old school would just wait until little Joel got out of school, and still abused him.

I hate most people who sue, and find people who do; money hungry or vendetta crazy when they take people to court, but obviously I believe the Morales family should sue the board of Ed and the little monsters who tortured little Joel on a daily basis. I want these kids who abused him to pay, and the board of Ed to do a better job of protecting our kids when they go to school, because if kids aren’t safe at school, then where would they be safe?
Also the Board Of Ed will fine you and threaten parents with jail if you don’t send your kids to school; so if they can’t protect kids like Joel, why send them to school?     

I was like little Joel; I was poor and teased, spit on, punched, and laughed at by the animals who graced New Jersey schools. No teacher ever tried to help me, and my last day of school was when a new guard said he was going to rape me after calling me a faggot. If I knew what I know now, I would sue the school, and the little monsters who made my formative years hell. I wish I could have told Joel, that It Does Get Better, there are people who will love him, and not treat him like garbage.

Hopefully little Joel didn’t kill himself in vain; maybe people only listen when you hit them where it hurts; the pocketbook.