Monday, August 26, 2013

First Comes Gay Marriage; Then Comes Gay Divorce.


“Glee” actress and lady lover Jane Lynch, 53, got married to Dr. Lara Embry in Massachusetts in 2010. In July 2013, the pants-suit loving Star filed for divorce from Embry, bragging that their breakup is "not dramatic," adding, "It's not a horrible thing. It's two people who just decide it's better to go apart than stay together."

But there was something fishy, and now Embry has given Lynch the finger by demanding through the courts that Lynch should pay her attorney fees and also cough up monthly spousal support. What went wrong? Did they get married because they loved each other? Or did they get ticked off by morons telling them they couldn’t get married, and felt they’d “show them.”

That a doctor like Embry should ask for spousal support is interesting; it’s not like she’s working at Dunkin Donuts; it really shows that she’s bitter about something.
Being a couple has its ups and downs, sometimes things and some people are just not meant to be. It will be interesting to see how things go with gay marriage in another 10 years; when most gays will actually give more thought about spending the rest of their life with the same person; something tells me if Lynch has to pay up, many gays with money will learn to have a prenup before the walk down the lavender aisle.

The first gay couple, Robin Tyler and Diane Olson to get legally married, soon filed for divorce last year after being together for over 40 years. Was it because they were pressured into getting married, and trying to prove to a hostile world, that they too had the right to have their love & commitment recognized by law? I don’t think so, they’re marriage ended because they couldn’t be together anymore. Gay or straight; we’re all alike after all.