Monday, March 11, 2013

Leave Taylor Swift Alone.

It’s amazing that people are losing their cookies over Taylor Swift’s love life; frankly I think people should shut up; she’s 23, rich and blonde, why not have fun before settling down? Just because she had dates with a lot of guys doesn't mean she had sex with all of them; she's not a Kardashian.

I understand we all get annoyed with someone so young and rich and feel we have to beat them down, and Swift does have her annoying habbits (posing with the left side of her face in every picture, being shocked when she wins an award) but still unlike a lot of her counterparts, she actually writes her own songs and can really sing.

Also unlike most young celebrities these days she doesn’t get caught panty-less or has a sex tape on the internet banging some loser; so why don’t people just back off America’s honky-tonk sweetheart and go about your own affairs?

All right I get it; we’re all guilty of nosing into the lives of the rich and famous and I enjoy writing about it, but there are certain subjects and stories that have beaten to death, and Swift’s love life is one of them. If anything, Swift should be rewarded for being picky when it comes to men and not believing the sweet nothings whispered from every Johnny Come Lately she has the chance to meet. Maybe if more young Hollywood girls were choosier about the men they move in with; there wouldn’t be so many lawsuits and unwanted babies in the world.