Wednesday, July 8, 2015

F*cebook Friends Who Have Diarrhea Of The Mouth.

We all have friends that use Facebook like they have Tourette's; spitting out random thoughts that have about as much interest as a bowel movement. Why do they do it I often wonder as I roll my eyes and scroll down the page? Most friends won’t tell you (but I will) that they could care less if you’re at Dunkin Donuts; thanks to Foursquare, every fart is followed by a declaration on facebook, and free promotion for the business your yakking about; in the end you get zero, and Foursquare gets a cut from the business you’re promoting, for free.

I love the friend that will give you hourly status about how much in love they are; then a week later their posts are filled with sad songs and poems about how love sucks. Why they do this to us and themselves I don’t know. A friend of mine suggested that some people are just stupid; I agree but we are all being programmed to share everything we do; basically our lives are now for sale and most of us are falling into high octave narcissism.

When Facebook-owned Instagram quietly announced it would have the right to sell any picture on their site, people shit bricks and hundreds quit the photo sharing website quicker than a drunk falling over; Instgram nervously announced it was just a mistake. Many sites including Facebook are trying ways to make money off of us (Facebook charges $7 dollars to promote a status, meaning they now can control how many of your “friends” can see a post) Have we all gotten that pathetic; why not pick up a phone and talk to someone about your boring life instead?

I predict Facebook will go where Myspace went, when something better comes along. There was a time when AOL was king and starting charging a lot of money for their email service; anybody use AOL for email anymore? Yeah I didn’t think so.
AOL mail is free now, but mostly no one cares.

Sharing with your friends can be fun on the internet, I love to see funny things, or cool vacation pics, but when your most minuet daily activities are over shared on the internet you know it’s time to get your ass offline and go read a book or take a walk or something.