Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Don’t Believe Hollywood; Prostitution is an Ugly and Sad Business.

Last Halloween I saw a 7-year-old girl dressed up like the hooker Julia Roberts played in “Pretty Woman,” the mom (or her pimp, I couldn’t tell) thought it was funny; I thought it was gross.
Hollywood loves to glamourize prostitution; I mean has anyone seen “Pretty Woman”? PW is one of the most ridiculous movies of all time. The only thing that saves it is Julia Roberts and her charisma. Unfortunately for a generation of young girls, who grew up watching “Pretty Woman,” and ran to the big cities to become hookers, and meet a Richard Gere type were sadly mistaken when they found out that “Richard Gere” types don’t need to pay for hookers, and the men that they met on the street we’re usually disgusting, ugly or both.
Jennifer Love Hewitt embarrassed herself for two seasons for starring in the Lifetime series, “The Client List,” where an aging Hewitt was selling her wares, and of course all of her clients were good looking men; which is bullshit, I mean come on, not one fat or hairy-backed guy?
When Hewitt was on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live!” I sent in the

question that Andy Cohen read on air, “Why are the clients all good-looking men on your show?” Hewitt giggled and seemed not to know where she was, answering, “well it’s the Lifetime channel.” I can’t blame her, I mean—I know she’s just trying to make a paycheck but I still wish movies and TV would put some of the grit that goes along with the money when it comes to prostitution; maybe then some young girls will aspire to be lawyers or doctors instead of whores.
I’m not one who is against prostitution and I think it should be legal—if you’re over 21-years-old. I know there are a handful of hooker movies with reality thrown in, like, “Leaving Las Vegas.” But in my opinion the majority of movies with hookers in them always show more fantasy then reality; which is a shame when it gives young girls the idea that all they have to do is sleep with men for money, and their life will be like a fairy tale; of course Disney (which made Pretty Woman) didn’t put STD’s and a pimp named T-Bone who would punch you in the face if you didn’t bring home enough cash. If they did they would have had to retitle it, “Pretty Sad Woman.”