Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bethenny Frankel’s Talk Show Reviewed; Will it be Cancelled?

Bethenny Frankel has made more Margarita’s out of lemons than most people. Frankel’s major break came when she got cast in Bravo’s campy “Real Housewives of New York City.” In 2009 Frankel’s fame shot up with her first successful book (Naturally Thin) after years of trying to get her spiky stilettos in the door.

At the time of “Housewives” success, Frankel (who is a trained chef) developed “Skinny Girl” margaritas; many told her she could never make a drink targeted to women (if you think about it, most alcoholic drink ads are targeted to men) Frankel has done so much in the last couple of years, and is someone to look up to; for proving you can come from a shitty childhood, and still make your dreams come true. Frankel proves she has the will of a soldier and can do anything; I bet she could castrate Tiger Woods in an instant by one raised eyebrow and smart remark.

With the success of “Skinny Girl” (she sold it in 2011 for an estimated $100 million) Soon Frankel grew tired of the “Housewives” TV show with their petty fights and bickering (though that’s what makes them successful.) With her huge fan base Bravo gave Frankel her own show, dealing with her new marriage and baby titled “Bethany Getting Married?”

Overachiever as she is, Frankel always wants more; so of course with fame she gets her own morning talk show (Bethany airs Monday to Friday at 11. am on Fox) At times the show seems painfully like a copycat of other blab shows. Frankel makes her entrance on the show dancing like a fool, shaking her money maker (Like “Ellen,”) then she gets her bartender (Like “Watch What Happens Live”) to make her a drink, which seems painfully fake; her clueless bartenders always seem too dumb to speak or just embarrassed to be there.

Frankel seems out of her element most times here, and really belongs on late night TV. Too many times she talks more than her guest, and needs to learn to shut up before viewers get tired of her blabbing before a guest can even answer her question. At times her voice can be grating on the ears, like the screams of 13-year-old girls when Justin Bieber performs.

If this show is to succeed, it will be on Frankel’s personality, and huge women fan base, who look up to the celery-stick-thin beauty. I’m sure there are a slew of producers who have tried to tame Frankel and her known tart tongue; of course this helped make her famous. As the weeks have passed I’ve noticed a change in Frankel’s personality, and when she breaks script she shines; also it seems the show and Frankel get better each week.

Hopefully after this trial run for the show, Frankel will be able to replace more of the behind-the-scenes Wizards of Oz and hire some people who will let Frankel do her thing. Too much of television is decided by surveys instead of originality; if Frankel had played that way in the beginning of her career, we wouldn’t be talking about her now.

UPDATED 10/2012:  The "Bethenny" show has been renewed (thanks to great ratings) and will probably be back in January 2013; i'm happy to hear this, though "Bethenny" has some kinks to work out, Frankel is still fresher than most daytime gab shows.