Saturday, November 29, 2014

I’m Single, and Charles Manson, 80, is Getting Married?

"Tis the season to marry an old, convicted murderer, fa la la la la la."

Some of my single friends and I like to laugh sometimes when we see a hot guy, with a dog faced man on the street. It always makes us wonder, “If he can get a hot boyfriend, why can’t we?” Well, as usual love is blind, and mostly dumb. Sometimes opposites attract, and other times people settle for anyone who’ll cough in their direction.

 The freakiest thing to come out this week, besides Kim Kardashian showing her naked, fat ass for the 100th time, was 80-year-old wacko Charles Manson, who has been in jail for years (look it up, he’s a skumbag) Manson is getting married. His lady-bug is named Star, 26. Star has that vacant look, and seems to me like her Easter basket only has one jelly bean left in it.

Why a young girl would want to marry a convicted murderer, who is serving a life sentence I don’t know, worse yet, if this felon with a swastika tattoo on his forehead can land a girlfriend, and soon to be wife, what the hell am I doing wrong in landing a boyfriend?

It’s nice to know my taxes are helping whack-job killers, like Charles Manson, and his wedding plans. I’m sure after the prison priest marries them, the priest will tell Manson, You may now KILL the bride!”