Monday, September 22, 2014

Meet The Hag Doctor Who Killed Joan Rivers (allegedly)

 Meet doctor to the stars and Joan Rivers killer (allegedly) Gwen Korovin. She’s no beauty, fellas.

Rivers died this month after Korovin performed an unauthorized procedure on the funny lady. Someone in the medical room has told police that Korovin snapped a selfie of herself and Rivers body, right before the fatal unplanned procedure. Korovin, who is in hiding has denied this through her lawyers.
Anyone that puts out that they are a celebrity doctor; hairstylist; plumber, etc., is usually full of baby sh*t. Most of these people just got lucky or have connections, and that’s the ONLY reason the stars go to them.
Want to know how shady Korovin is? She doesn’t except insurance; just cash. You can dress up a swine in a pretty dress, but it’s still a pig, right?

It just goes to show you if someone with Joan Rivers money could be killed so easily. We the average citizens have even a greater chance of dying in the hands of a sloppy fame starved doctor.