Friday, September 19, 2014

Should John Travolta & Other Celebs Admit They Are Gay?

John Travolta has been in the news lately but not for promoting his next flick. The one-time looker; now porker is getting sued by a “handful” of male masseuse's, who say he offered them money for sex and many times groped them without their consent. I don’t know if Travolta really showed the oily blokes his “Vinnie Barbarino” But something tells me the story has some fact; why would someone as rich as Travolta (who owns his own Jet plane) not have his own masseuse? So the question is why would he go to health clubs for massages? Some say Travolta would be more able to get a quickie out of a broke, but cute guy who’ll let the towel slip to make extra money, then someone with lots of cash and high morals; damn I guess “Grease is the word.”

I really don’t care if Travolta is gay or bi, what I really don’t like is that Travolta, like Tom Cruise and many others have joined cults; I mean religions where the organizations say they can erase the gay out of you , and most can even hook you up with an opposite sex member and get you married. This religion I’m talking about is Scientology. If you remember it was Scientology that got Lisa Marie Pressley and Michael Jackson together and married; I’d say it was pretty factual they never had sex.

John Travolta and pal share a kiss; straight guys say goodbye like this right?

Is Tyler Perry gay or just for pay?
Tyler Perry has made a career out of tapping a market pretty unknown to Hollywood money men: black women going through crap with the help of the Lord, and a good looking man whom doesn’t know how hot she is, (until the end of the movie of course). Perry says he doesn’t have a girlfriend because he is too busy to date; sure, a rich man who doesn’t have time to date; right I think it would be easier to believe in Big Foot.

Why doesn’t Perry tell the world he’s gay if he is? Well let’s keep it real here at hudsontayloryourmind; it comes down to one thing; money. I don’t mean to shock anyone but most of Hollywood is fake; that virginal Disney actress, who acts sweet as honey; is a major whore; that guy who plays the horny jerk in all those low-brow movies; is really a sweetheart. So it shouldn’t be any shock that Perry is pretending to be straight; his audience is 98% religious and black. If most of them knew he preferred Adam over Eve they would flip their wigs, raise their Bibles and stop going to his films.

Kevin Spacey and a hottie window shop, this looks straight right?
Kevin Spacey is a respected actor; if he told people he was gay I don’t think it would hurt him too much; but you never know. He seems to like his privacy and to hell with Hollywood if they don’t like that he’s a pillow biter.

Queen Latifah is another one who keeps her “lady loving” on the Down Low. Maybe her agent thinks it would be a bad idea to let the public know her secret; maybe Mary Beth from North Carolina would pass out if she found out a Dyke is doing Cover Girl commercials. I’m sure some people would find it hard to see her as a romantic lead, but that’s really all bullshit anyway. A good enough actor will have you believing anything.

GMA's Robin Roberts FINALLY admitted to being a lady lover..

Queen Latifah and a hot chick enjoy some sunning.

Good Morning America's Robin Roberts likes asking people personal questions; just don't ask her to talk about her loving the ladies, she won't.

It would be nice if everyone did whatever they wanted, but it na├»ve to think there won’t be shame or prejudice no matter how open our society becomes. When famous people hide their sexuality it sends a message to the world that they’re embarrassed. People who hate gays like it that way, but to a teenager looking for out-of-the-home acceptance, it makes it harder to come out when someone you look up to is either too greedy for money or ashamed to admit the simple fact that they are gay.