Monday, March 24, 2014

Madonna, Desperate For Attention Shows Underarm Hair.

Papa Don't Preach, but he should have!
With her last album (MDNA) a bitter memory (Amazon couldn't even keep it on the charts by selling it for $0.99 cents) Madonna, 55, has been releasing photos on Instagram in order to pollute people's minds to the fact that she's still around and kicking. Sadly people are talking about how desperate she is to get attention ( Very Lady Gaga, who has a crap album out now that fell off the charts weeks after it's release and has just put out a new video featuring Bravo's Botoxed Ho's, The Housewives Of Beverly Hills; now that really desperate! Video is cool but the song sucks.)
If Madonna would just put more effort into releasing a great album like she had back in the day; she wouldn't have to make a fool of herself online.

File this under attention-whore, and gross!