Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Everybody Is Crazy And So Are You.

First off everybody has a little cray-cray in them, and if you think you don’t; well, then you must be really nuts.
We live in modern times with major pressures and it’s enough to fry the brain of a perfectly normal person. If you live in New York you will find your patience tested on a daily bases. People will try to walk into a door you are exiting. Dates with men, who complain that, “they can’t find any good men in New York,” will cancel on you at the very time they we’re set to meet you. You will wait in line at a Starbucks restroom forever as the person before you treats it like their home bathroom.

It’s hard not to become bitter or depressed when dealing with constant frustrations on a daily basis. Life isn’t supposed to be easy, but wouldn’t it be nice if things were a little easier?

One has to have a thick skin when putting up with the assault of personalities that city life offers you. Many don’t make it and move away. Those that stay usually survive heavily medicated to ease the years of dealing with all the Fruit Loops that gather on the little island I call home. I think it’s good to realize you have a little crazy in you; as long as you don’t act out it can be a good tool to laugh off the drama of every-day life.