Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From Jesus Christ to Miley Cyrus: Why Sex Sells.

Jesus Christ was our first sexy pin-up (and before you send me angry emails, hear me out) Just think about the image on the cross; horrible yes, but still the image stays with you, and why? Because Jesus is so handsome and has a killer six-pack. If Danny DeVito had been on that cross I doubt so many artists would have burned that image in their work.

Many religions have preached for years that sex is to be had by married persons creating life only (of course many religious leaders are the first ones in line for the nearest whorehouse or bathroom stall)
 A lot of people crapped their pants because of Miley Cyrus and her twerking-tongue-hanging out antics, and before her, Madonna set the prudes off. Years before them, Mae West went to jail for writing and starring in a Broadway play entitled “Sex.” After West got of jail she was more than New York famous, and soon went off to Hollywood to become world famous.

Still sex doesn’t always sell, there are many actresses who pose for Playboy on their way down in an effort to gather interest; mostly you never hear from them again. Then there are some connected people, who become famous for having sex on camera like Kim Kardashian and turn it into a million dollar business; but for every Kim there’s A “Brandy”, “Tiffany” and “Jasmine” who never get out of the trailer park, and they took off their clothes so many times; construction workers we’re telling them to put them back on.

Sex sells, and why shouldn’t it? There is something thrilling and taboo about sex and the naked body, and many either love it or hate it. One can say they don’t like how sex sells, but even the most prudish woman will wet her knickers every-time Ryan Gosling shows his chest in one of his movies.

Ryan Gosling; arms of death.
If you’ve ever been to a nude beach you’ll realize; not everyone should be naked in public, and I wish some people wouldn’t take off their clothes, but sexuality started in the beginning of time, and will be with us until human’s seize to exist; so enjoy it, I know I will.