Thursday, January 8, 2015

Is Bisexuality Real And Do They Favor Half & Half Milk?

I’ve met a few guys over the years that told me, “I’m Bi.” My answer was always, “good bye.”

A gay friend of mine broke up with his boyfriend of seven years and was dismayed that his Ex started dating a chick soon afterwards. My friend wondered if his Ex had wanted the company of “Grace” instead of his “Will” for a long time and maybe this could be the reason he was dumped like dishwater.

An article in 2005 from The New York Times states, “People who claim bisexuality are usually homosexual, but are ambivalent about their homosexuality or simply closeted.”You're either gay, straight or lying," as some gay men have put it.”

Many of us forget that Elton John, Calvin Klein and many other famous men were married to women at some point and soon divorced, and lead only homosexual lifestyles now.(I always wonder what happened to these “wives” and where did Kelly Klein go?, that bitch was everywhere for awhile; maybe they get paid to shut up and go away)

There are many men who work in gay porn who say they are straight; though it's hard to believe many of them go home to wives and girlfriends, after spending the work day having sex with men for money on film, but they do.

But where are these real bisexuals and how do I meet them? When I mention bisexuality to most people, gay or straight they turn up their noses. With a 2012 survey that says there are 38-to-41 percent bisexuals in America, I had to wonder where all these bisexuals were hiding out; could I possibly go find where they were, buy a ticket and have a look-see?

Determined to find a real bisexual, seemed almost like finding a unicorn, both were randomly talked about and both were rarely seen. I did some of my best digging and decided to attend a Bi support meeting in Manhattan. What I found there was two kinds of vodka (natch!) and people of all shapes, sizes and bank accounts. Of course there we’re a few there that screamed 100% gay to me(like the one who’s cell phone ringer had Liza Minnelli singing Disco) but for the most part they seemed legit and nice and misunderstood until I noticed that all the men sat together on one side of the room, and the women on the other side. I wondered we're these people really Bi or just gay and in denial?

I realized Bisexuals looked at life like a box of chocolates; sometimes you like nuts, and sometimes you like soft centers.

Human beings judge, it’s in our nature no matter what people say and that’s how it is, but when I don’t understand something I try to look at it from all corners, and still, if I don’t get it, that’s OK; I don’t have to get everything in life; and that shouldn’t stop people from living theirs.

Calvin Klein with former boyfriend (who says he's straight now! ) or as they were known; old rich guy and druggie hustler.