Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Russia Declares Homosexuality Illegal; Still Holds 2014 Olympics.

This coming from a country where men wear big fur hats and bright red jackets?

In a country that is known to suck like over ripe borsht, Russia proves it’s the worst country in the world by making homosexuality a crime by law. What they forgot; maybe when having too much vodka, was the Olympics will be held in Russia in 2014; did they think all that male figure skating was strictly heterosexual?

Russia’s president, Vlad, Dracula; I mean Vladimir Putin has signed a law, allowing police officers to arrest anyone, including tourists and foreign nationals they suspect of being gay or “pro-gay,” and the police have the right to put anyone in jail for up to 14 days. Even heterosexuals who aren’t “butch” enough could be arrested; so don’t wear your skinny jeans over there fella’s.
With the 2014 Winter Olympic Games coming to Russia in six months; one has to wonder how many Olympic athletes, spectators or loved ones could wide up in a Russian pokey for being who they are.

I say, don’t have the Winter Olympics in a country that is so racist and horrible that even Mel Gibson and Paula Deen are both rumored to be disgusted with Russia’s new policies.

Putin has said the gay ban is to protect children from pedophiles; which is bullshit; research shows about 90 percent of pedophiles are heterosexual males; got that comrade?

Many newspapers and magazine blabby-blab shows are more concerned about Kanye West being a dirt bag and no-talent moron’s like Kris Jenner getting their own talk show, then talking about this horrible injustice, except actor and writer Harvey Feirstein, who wrote a brilliant article in yesterday’s New York Times.

“In 1936 the world attended the Olympics in Germany. Few participants said a word about Hitler’s campaign against the Jews. Supporters of that decision point proudly to the triumph of Jesse Owens, while I point with dread to the Holocaust and world war. There is a price for tolerating intolerance.”
You won’t find me protesting on the street or wearing a T-shirt that declares my anger with such-and-such thing or organization; where I fight back is with my wallet; I will not buy anything imported from Russia; and it’s too bad, I always wondered about ordering up one of those Russian mail order brides advertised in the back of New York Magazine.