Thursday, December 13, 2012

Top 4 Strangest Gifts You Can Buy This Season.

It’s that time of year again when people scram to buy Holiday gifts, but does Aunt Ida really need another blender and has your boyfriend ever worn that tacky Donald Trump tie?

Well thinking only of my readers I sweated myself through a box of Mallomars; searching for the most interesting and jaw dropping gifts one could purchase this holiday season.

Justin Bieber Blow-up Sex Doll: The Just-In Beaver Love Doll. For just $26.92 you can have a night of passion with the bieb-ster. Buy this for a dirty uncle; Catholic priest or favorite teenage girl; who-doesn’t- really-get-what-this-is.

Pizza Hut Perfume: The chain is releasing the limited-edition scent; which might go worldwide if the sales are crispy enough; sure; everyone in America wants to smell like oil and cheese. Buy this for vegetarians and people who don’t desire a sex life anymore.

Meggings: Heard of Leggings? Well now the men have a turn in what are basically tights for men; just be sure to correctly rotate your meat and potatoes before you put them on. Buy this for that sassy ballerina in your life or Carl, who works at Home Depot.

Rob Kardashian Socks: The KarTRASHIANS are known for their greed; many whisper that they would put their name on used condoms; well until that venture comes to fruition we will have to be happy with these clown socks. Buy this for; pimps and the color blind.