Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It’s Your Money That They Want: John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John’s Xmas CD.

Who would ever think we’d need another celebrity butchering classic Christmas music? Not me that’s for sure.

I was taken aback when I saw the cover of John Travolta, 59, and Oliva Newton-John’s, 65, new Christmas album, This Christmas.

On the cover both are wearing odd wigs and are nipping (naughty, naughty) spiked eggnog; they might have been sipping the old bottle long after, to agree this album cover was a winner; in fact this album cover makes me have Anderson Cooper type giggles and makes this writer wonder; is this really the best picture of all the pictures they took?

At first I thought this was a Halloween album until I saw the computer imposed presents and pine trees; Travolta and John seem to be laughing it up, as if they’re saying in the cover art, “can you believe how many suckers will buy this shit?”

If you were a fan of “Grease” (which I was and I hate; no wait loathe musicals) you’ll see I’m not so one sided. Hell, I even kinda-not really-but find it campy enjoy Travolta and John’s other movie pairing, “Two of a Kind,” which had both Stars sporting lesbian haircuts and falling in love.

I guess people who mega love Travolta and John will piss themselves when they get this for Christmas and good for them; I’m glad it’s being released too, but for different reasons. If you can, check out the music video they made for the album on YouTube for the song, "I think you'll like it," -you won't, but it's so cheap looking and campy you'll love it.

"This Christmas" Is Available Now; have some spiked eggnog or maybe a hit of Acid, Here’s the track listing:

1. Baby It's Cold Outside, So How About A Massage?

2. Rockin' Around The Fire Island Pines (featuring Adam Lambert)

3. I'll Have A New Toupee For Christmas (featuring William Shatner)

4. Bearded Christmas (featuring Tom Cruise)

5. Silent Night (When The Wife Found Out)

6. All I Want For Christmas Is Baby Oil and Fresh Towels.

7. Have Yourself A Greasy Little Christmas (featuring Eliot Spitzer)

8. Deck The Husband (featuring Kelly Preston)

9. After Labor Day White Christmas.

10.I Think You Might Like It (featuring “Carl” from Jake’s Massage)

11. I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus And The Mailman Too (featuring Ella Bleu Travolta)