Wednesday, December 28, 2011

6 Biggest Disappointment’s of 2011

1. Sarah Palin: She gave her supporters hard-ons and ultimately no release when supposedly running for the White House. As her fans waited; Palin shot some poor animals; got more Botox, and tried to sell a reality show to the networks about her brain dead hubby’s fishing trips.

2. Beyonce: I like her, but her new album 4 sucked. B’s record company knew they had a bomb on their hands and tried to release single after single; all ignored by radio and most of the public; advice to B; you’re great; spend time with rug rat and enjoy sometime out of the spotlight.

3. Tim Tebow: It’s nice to see a football player into praying instead of the usual; banging skanks, but every time he kneels on the playing field-praying to God to win a game, I have roll my eyes; God has better things to do-plus he always loses anyway; try practicing more Tebow.

4. Apples: finding out that 80% of all the apples sold in the USA are grown in China gave me constipation; if America can’t even produce apples-an American symbol, then why do we even complain about the economy; when we all had a hand in making other countries rich bitches.

5. Pork-tresses: Kirstie Alley; Carnie Wilson; Jennifer Hudson; have all done poorly this year when it comes to having a hit; now they’re career is selling the “secret” on how they did it; these fakers don’t diet; they got their stomachs stapled; they’re stretch marks must look like highway lines.

6. Liz Taylor’s Death: She was famous for many reasons: beauty; talent; scandal; marriages; weight; perfume, jewelry. In 1985, before any other celebrity would say the word AIDS, Ms. Taylor along with Dr. Mathilde Krim and a small group of physicians came together to form the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR).
   In 1991, she started her own organization, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, to support the provision of direct AIDS services and complement the research, education, and advocacy programs supported by amfAR. Some told Ms.Taylor at the time before amfAR, that she would ruin her career if she associated herself with AIDS; she did it anyway and thanks to her she has helped save millions of lives by getting attention to a cause that had hundreds dying by the day. Many will remember her for superficial reasons; I’ll remember her for having the courage to say, “Something has to be done.” One day when our children’s-children are around and free of ever contacting AIDS, Some of the thanks will belong to Liz Taylor.