Monday, December 19, 2011

Why Do Republicans Pretend To Hate Gay People?

My hubby showed me this trick.

When President Bush left office his daughter Barbara didn’t waste time in coming out with a commercial, supporting gay marriage; soon followed by her mother Laura. I think it was great that they did it, but would have loved if they used the last year in the White House to do it. President Bush was not big on the gays and many kids suffered for it.

When someone in the public eye looks down on another community, it jeopardizes lives and makes dim bulbs have a good reason to hurt and kill people. Why do politicians make statements condemning gays? For freaking votes; a politician will kiss a bean- burrito-eating monkeys butt hole for votes, that’s the truth.

Republicans are fighting it out now to see who will win the primary to go up against President Obama. The debates that I’ve seen so far resemble one of the “Housewives” reunions TV shows on Bravo; botoxed faces; rehearsed speeches; attack on moral character from someone with no morals; I’m surprised Michelle Bachmann doesn’t overturn a table or that Mitt Romney doesn’t cry and walk off the set.

Liza waits for a phone call; any phone call.
To be fair President Obama hasn’t exactly welcomed gays with a Liza Minnelli night; I think his wife Michelle has been more leveled in her support for gays, but he does seem to be softening up. Republicans tend to be conservative; hating anything that “Ma and Pa” in little towns wouldn’t like.

What does gay marriage mean to people who hate it? It means that they will have to except gay people as human beings, and that gay people belong beside them and not beneath them as these candidates preach. Gay marriage will make them realize certain things about themselves. I think a lot of these people that appose gay marriage and say it’s about saving children and the constitution of marriage really just have their own personal agenda; some of them have homosexual feelings and are trying to destroy their own desires through destructive speeches and campaigns. Slave masters kept slaves and looked down on black women, but a lot of them sure loved raping and having sex with them.

Michelle's hubby pretends he-no-likey; he likey.
Michelle Bachmann seems to hate the gays the most; her hubby runs a “pray away the gay,” seminar at his Christian clinic and is rumored to be a self hating homosexual himself. I imagine she thinks she hates gay people, but she probably just hates that her husband has to get drunk to make love to her.
Newt Gingrich seems to be the sneakiest looking candidate; if you watch newsreel’s of him, you can’t help notice that after awhile he starts to smirk; he’s probably thinking: suckers!
Rick Perry, dressed (probably by a gay) wears Health Ledgers jacket from “Brokeback Mountain,” put out his own commercial to condemn gay marriage on Youtube; it got the most dislikes in Youtube history.
Hey girl!
Mitt Romney (who’s rumored to have a gay son) was recently at a Manchester diner, and sensing a great photo opportunity, went over to an elderly man to ask him about his tour in Vietnam but Mr. Garon — who was accompanied by his husband — wanted to know if Romney would back efforts to repeal the law that legalized gay marriage in the state. Romney replied, “Marriage is between a man and a woman.” Right, so Kim Kardashian can get married for 72 days, her second marriage mind you, great values.

In this day and age no one should get elected who gets on video saying that don’t approve of a minority groups lifestyle. When you are running for the president of the united states, you are running as the president of every American, may they be black; white; gay; Bi; straight; Smurf; whatever. People seem to forget that it’s the issues of the country that matter, and not someone’s sexual preference. If a Presidential candidate cannot support ALL Americans, he or she should not qualify to run. America will never get out of the doldrums of financial hell if we don’t stick up for individual freedom.