Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Money Sucks, RuPaul Tucks: Why The Economy Still Blows Chunks.

Why does Lisa Rinna look like the drag queen here?
Having dinner recently with old friends at a Italian restaurant in Chelsea; I couldn’t help but zone out as my friend-just fresh from the airport, lugged his clunky Louis Vuitton luggage to our table and preceded to open his bags and show us his Gucci wallet; Persol sunglasses; LV book bag; LV laptop case; LV pen holder; Prada iPad cover; Prada receipt holder (!) I’ve always loved some of my friends taste, but have to admit I was half expecting him to pull out a Tom Ford designer pouch, that stored used gum at some point. He made me think; has the economy gotten any better?

As we sat at our table looking for the waiter; starving with a thirst for vodka (our waiter was too busy going bonkers over bug-eyed Lance Bass, who was seated nearby) I looked around and noticed for a Wednesday night, this place and a lot of restaurants in Chelsea was jumping. One could argue that the economy is doing great, but with pay cuts occurring more frequently than at any time since the Great Depression; unemployment is still on the increase. The dollar value is falling faster than Aviva Drescher on a recent eposode of Bravo's "Real Houswives of New York" (she has one leg)

If you pick up a newspaper or watch the nightly news, there’s nothing but breezy stories about the economy, and how the recession is over. Welcome my friends to propaganda bullshit 2012.

Now I see how Romney makes money; hand jobs.
Airlines cried that they don’t make money--with most cutting off little things like free nuts; when in fact after three years of losses, the U.S. airline industry finally made out like a pimp with the best Ho. Airlines grabbed $3.4 billion from the extra bag charges alone -- a 24% increase since 2010, according to a new Department of Transportation.

Delta made the most green from bag fees totaling $952 million, followed by United and Continental at nearly $655 million. American collected $580 million and US Airways $513 million; and they can’t give us some free nuts?

According to The Wall Street Journal in an article published June 15, 2012. "The sudden unexpected downturn in economic data, combined with real concerns about inflation, starts to remind investors of some nasty recessions in the past, and investors have the right to be concerned." Oh crap.

Companies like Facebook are allowed to over inflate stock; so fools like us buy it and loose our hard earned money. We think we're getting a piece of the pie, when the reality is; there's not even crumbs. Taxi cab prices in New York increased by 17% this month; which makes me ask; anybody know where I can buy a donkey?

I guess we can’t kill ourselves with worry; we have to take one pill at a time and hope for the best. I just wish people didn’t bullshit us about the economy. The truth is; the powers that be are finding ways to milk citizens out of their hard earned money. There has been talk of pay toilets on some Airlines; soon some wise guy will find a way to charge us for the air we breathe.

Things are still OK for some people (especially my designer gay pal and Mitt Romney) but the rest of us who are considered middle class, or be gads: lower class are in the dog house, and its pouring rain with leaks in the roof.