Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dear White People. You’re Not So Great.

With the winning election of Donald Trump there has been an uprising in so-called white supremacy. Crude incidents have been reported all around the good old U.S.A. It seems some white people are losing their shit because of all the pride they feel at being superior. There’s been vandalism and verbal abuse and one could only imagine—violence—will follow.

How sad. How pathetic. What makes white skin better than brown, or black or yellow or Smurf blue? Please tell me? I’d like to know because I’m white and I guess I’m proud, but the color of my skin has nothing to do with my achievements.
The year will soon be 2017 and many times it feels like some white people are turning back instead of going forward. So if we get rid of all the immigrants, gays and anyone else who doesn’t seem white enough. That will make America great again? Get a drip on reality, and a better hairstyle. An all-white America will all of a sudden make the welfare-sucking-white-trash become good citizens? Dear white people, you’re not that great. Some of you are awesome, and some of you are racist devils wearing cheap suits.

There are some people who should be deported. There are some people who should be spat on. But to abuse someone just because they lead a different lifestyle than you, or are another color—and that goes for any color, white, black, brown, yellow and blue—it’s wrong, cruel and sad. It hurts to see the tears of the father who got attacked in front of his 4-year-old son by an employee of a hardware store, who repeatedly called him a faggot. "The faggot that voted for Hillary." Other shoppers joined in on insulting the father, and one even said he was going to molest his son.

This is the new America? Some of you reading this may feel like this doesn’t concern you. You’re probably white and straight. Just remember this; Afghanistan was once a thriving and promising place. In the 1970’s women could drive a car, go to college and wear whatever clothing they wanted. Men could choose their career and aspire to do something more than learning how to use a gun.  Then the Taliban came into power, and year by year they rose using extreme tactics to control people into believing what they believed in. Now the women are sex slaves with no rights and little Afghanistan boys dream only of war and decay.

No one race is better than the other. We are all humans—and Smurf. So instead of trying to blame a race for your failure as a human being and worrying about being number one, just live your own life, and leave everyone else the fuck alone.