Sunday, July 20, 2014

LaToya Jackson Engaged To Man With VERY Plucked Brows.

We all know LaToya Jackson (and most of the Jacksons) are nuttier than the Planter’s peanut factory, but her announcement that she is getting married to her longtime business partner Jeffre Phillips, has people scratching their heads and wondering if the famous glittery headbands LaToya wore in the 1980’s were too tight.

Rumors are Phillips is gayer than a Banana Spilt and many wonder if Jackson is naïve or just afraid to be alone. I never like to judge myself (well—moving on!)

Stevie Wonder himself, could just look at the pictures of Phillips, with plucked eye-brows like Joan Crawford and more make-up than a transvestite hooker—and could see that the man likes Adam, not Eve.
 Jackson, at 58 years-old should know better, but then again this is a woman who comes from a family who let their own brother, Michael, turn himself into a freak with mutable plastic surgeries, so I guess nothing is abnormal to her.

Jackson cooed in her wispy voice on ABC news that Jeffre gave her a massive 17.5 carat diamond engagement ring. Let’s hope when Jeffre is stuck at the “gym” or taking a “long walk” in the park, Jackson can hug her diamond when she’s sitting at the dinner table watching her food get cold and her self-respect evaporate.