Sunday, October 2, 2016

Can You Go Back?

Recently I had dinner with an old friend. Instead catching up I found my mind wondering. As he got sloppy drunk and buttered too many rolls and talked so much about all the stuff he owned. It made me think; how did I ever stand this person years ago?

Before this dinner I thought of my old friend often, and not that he was perfect or I was a perfect person, but I yearned for his friendship again. My new friends we’re not the same as him; we didn’t laugh as much as I did with him; they didn’t understand me as much as he did, blah-blah. All these things I kept in my mind, making our old friendship seem better as time went on. The reality was he was still the same; but I changed, I grew up.

Can Lindsay Lohan go back to being a fresh faced talent like she was in “Mean Girls”? Can O.J Simpson ever go back to being a football player and shitty actor, instead of a murderer and thug? Will Bethany Frankel’s voice ever go back to being non-irritating?

Life can be strange; the person who was your best friend for years can slowly turn into your enemy in the manner of days. Sometimes I find myself wishing things we’re the way they we’re, before life and responsibility changed it, but then I think how great things are for me now, and I’m blessed to be alive and healthy. There are so many things I want out of life, but the reality is I’m really happy with what I have and I don't want to be around anybody who is a big asshole.

So can you go back? Not usually, so it’s good to keep going forward. If you don’t learn and grow and move on, you can never get better.