Sunday, November 6, 2011

“Revenge,” Is Worth The Drama. “Desperate Housewives,” Should Be Evicted Sooner.

New series “Revenge” gives you the right amount of scenery; hot guys/hot girls, juicy twist & turns and enough quotable lines to keep you laughing around the water cooler the next day.

“Desperate Housewives,” limps to its final season and has become so boring you can miss two episodes, and it doesn’t matter. The writers right off should be smacked upside the head for wasting the talents of Vanessa Williams. Mrs. Williams was first introduced as a sexy man-eater; she was hired to add heat after Nicollette Sheridan was canned like a tomato, but instead of rising temperatures the writers have turned her character into a nosy neighbor who can’t get a man; hello, have the writers seen Vanessa Williams? I’m gay and she could steam my milk anytime.

VanCamp gives her famous icy stare.

“Revenge,” centers on a young woman who is welcomed into a community (The Hamptons) filled with people who don't know; she's only there to seek revenge on those who had destroyed her & her family. To be honest at first I wasn’t sold on Emily Van Camp as the lead, but after a couple of episodes I’ve come to love her and get why she’s perfect for the role. I think people are responding to “Revenge.” Because; A. Good writing. B. Haven’t we all wished we could plot revenge on someone who hurt us; wouldn’t it be fun, just a little bit?

ABC has picked up “Revenge,” for a full season and why not? It’s kicked the panties off its competition (CBS’s CSI and NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) Watch “Revenge”; it’s a great show that will have you wanting more like a good piece of chocolate cake.

Revenge hunks; i'll take two of them and call you in the morning.

Madeleine Stowe sizes up the new bitch in town.

When the show was fun, not a snore fest.

Desperate Housewives, for its last season seems content to bore its audience with mediocre writing and hammy acting from its leads, who all seem bored with their parts; I don’t blame you ladies; I’ve fell asleep twice watching this season. When DH first came on the air it was fresh and fun; it was also great to see a show with four women over 40, being the leads of a TV show and not neglected to playing third banana; which often means playing the role of a crazy old whore or worse yet; boring mom. Unfortunately time has not been kind to the women of Wisteria Lane; hopefully creator Marc Cherry is saving some good stuff for the end of the season.

Revenge airs Wednesday nights at 10: pm on ABC.

Desperate Housewives airs Sunday nights at 9: pm on ABC.