Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State Pissed Because Coach Fired Over Boys Rape

Buds Sandusky & Padterno laugh it up, soon they might not be laughing in jail.

Penn State students react to Paterno's getting fired. Amazing; anyone here think about the poor boys who got abused? I guess not; the only thing on thier minds is a stupid football game.
All of the men involved in covering up these childrens rape are just as guilty as Sandusky; if not more, Sandusky is a sick f*!k, these other men should know right and wrong and I hope they all go to jail; no matter thier status in society or the playing field. I understand a lot of people are upset Padterno got canned, he was a upstanding guy in the game of sports; well he was a horrible human being for not turning in his perverted friend, and in the end, it's the game of life that truly matters.

Ditzy actor Ashton Kutcher sent out tweets defending Padterno; when someone explained to Kutcher why Padterno got the boot, Kutcher eraced his love of Padterno tweets and shut up, finally, hopfully he'll stay off Twitter and go back to playing stupid on TV, screwing skanky girls and making those stupid camara TV comercials we all hate.