Monday, July 4, 2011

Trying To Lose Weight? Don’t Watch Late Night TV

We don't look like him.

   Late Night TV hopping had me bored, finally I found a TV movie with a woman being betrayed and thought it would help me sleep. Suddenly a Burger King commercial flashed on the screen; followed by Budweiser & Dunkin Donuts; I found myself wondering if there was a BK or DD open at 2: 00 A.M? How people are supposed to lose weight with food shoved in their face? Why don’t we ever see commercials celebrating the wonders of broccoli?

   I Understand It’s all a part of advertizing and it’s easier to make over processed crap than it is organic tasty delights, but how is a brother suppose to stay thin in the summer? (I won’t even mention winter and those damn tasty Chicken Pot Pies) Late night TV should be flooded with commercials featuring salad; that would make me fall right to sleep. I don’t need temptation; I need medication my Barnyard Friends. A cookie is good anytime of the day; but a cookie after midnight, even sweeter.

   According To Psychology Today, the effect of junk food ads is not simply brand preference: An ad for M&Ms did not cause people to go search for M&MS. The junk food ads just caused people to eat whatever was available. So if the Lay’s chips are in your house, and the commercial for Pringle’s starts blaring, don’t be surprised if you open that bag of Lay’s.

   So what’s The solution my Barnyard Friends? Give sugar and salty goodies up for good? I would say no, but if you must have them; eat them on the day you buy them. This way when you have the late night munches, there won’t be much temptation besides gadgets that cost 19.95 and require you to ACT NOW! By the way, anybody want to buy some handy gadget’s that cost 19.95? If you ACT NOW! I will give you a second one for free with separate shipping and handling.