Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Registry versus Prices Helping Poor Kids

UPDATED October 31, 2011:
Page 1 of Friday’s New York Times ran a color photo of a mother in Somalia trying to feed her baby suffering from malnutrition. Page 2 featured high end retail ads; one featuring a Chanel bag for $3, 200. It made me wonder; what could $3, 200 do to help? I made a chart comparing the needs of poor children and those of Kim Kardashian’s wedding registry list just for fun.

What Kim Wants                                                                   What Poor Kids Want

Silver serving spoon ($1,250)                                                Rice & Beans 375 lbs****($75)

Havana ashtrays ($840 each)                                                 Goat* ($120)

Christofle Vertigo small tray ($1,050)                                     Heifer* ($500)

Baccarat ice bucket ($635)                                                    Birth Certificate** ($25)

Lalique black clock ($1,115)                                                  Mosquito Net** ($30)

Nude black statue by Lalique ($325)                                      10 baby blankets** ($100)

Tourbillon black vase ($6,500)                                               Pig*($120)

Christofle Vertigo small tray ($1,050)                                     5 flu vaccinations*** ($175)

I’m not naïve to think if I handed over $3, 200 to poor children and their families, their pain & hunger would evaporate. You have to give money to organizations that can help the poor; it’s like giving $100 bucks to a homeless guy; is this going to get him off the street? No, he will probably use it on booze, broads or drugs. The homeless guy would be happy for a day, but this isn’t long term.

The poor need to eat, learn trades and get medication. I know this is controversial to say but I think they also should get birth control until they can help themselves; why have these kids if they can’t feed them? I don’t think rich people should have to give to the poor if they don’t want to, their money is their own; who the hell cares if they want to spend $2,000 on a pair of moccasins? I just find it funny when you compare the needs of gluttony to the needs of the unfortunate; it makes you see how stupid possessions are compared to a kid needing something to eat.

With a body like this, Kris Humphries will be OK;  who needs brains?

It would have been nice if privileged Kim Kardashian would have asked upcoming wedding guest to give gifts to charity, instead of asking people to buy her overpriced useless junk, that talentless; lard assed; fame whore celebrity doesn’t need. A smile of a once starving child brings me more joy than reading the extravagances of someone’s attention seeking wedding.

*UPDATE: October 31, 2011. Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce after only 72 days of marrige. Kris Humphries (the big, doe eyed goon who married her) had a suspicion his bimbo wife Kim Kardashian could be bailing on their marriage, but has told NBA friends he was “blindsided” by Monday’s divorce filing and learned of the news through a TMZ report like the rest of the world. Maybe Kris should have gotten a clue or brain cell and relized that The Kardashian's only do things for publicity; i'm sure the public will be force fed Kim's tragic side of the story like a Crack Whore being fed a pep talk.

Dear public; forget about these fame seeking gargoyles. I wonder if Kardashian will give back all the gifts? I doubt it, knowing the Kardashian's they will sell the stuff on Ebay or Craigslist just to get more money and fame.