Sunday, June 5, 2011

Maids Have Tough Ass Jobs

Cleaning after people is hard work; especially if you’re employed by a celebrity. If you work for Naomi Campbell you get the Tater Tots beat out of you when you can’t find your bosses size zero jeans. If you work for Arnold Schwarzenegger you get screwed; then re-screwed when his wife finds out. When I could afford a maid I couldn’t even get her to do windows, let alone bang me without a condom. I have to tell you, if I screwed my boss; I wouldn’t go back to cleaning toilets; didn’t Arnie have some filing work to do?

Granted there are maids who enjoy hiding the feather duster with their boss. For some of them it’s just sex, or even the thrill of a rich powerful man just wanting them. Some maids probably think their boss will leave the wife for them, fat chance.

Long ago the rich raped and abused their slaves and got away with it, maids or companions were not treated any better, often getting low wages, beatings and spotty time off. Luckily today, times have changed thanks to unions and teamwork. Some hotels have now agreed to install panic buttons for the maids. What happens when you’re a maid in someone’s home or traveling aboard with your boss? You’re screwed literally and figurally.

If you work in a hotel you get a lot of rich oily jerks manhandling you like a Rubik’s Cube at an 80’s theme party. Some people wondered why the maid didn’t fight off slimy French Monetary leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn; sadly a lot of people that clean toilets are foreign and come to the United States to try to make a better life for themselves, and their family. A lot of maids don’t have green cards, so they are scared to go to the Police. I bet a lot of molestations happen at these fancy hotels and are covered up with money and threats.

A good man is hard to find; a good maid, even harder; some maid’s suck and some take their job very seriously. Respecting people who work for you should be done professionally but with fairness and kindness. Remember, the woman giving you an extra towel, or that older lady making up your bed; are not only maids but someone’s friend, wife, sister or mother.