Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can You Date A F**K Buddy?


He was so hot in bed the first time you had him. You never planned on it but once every month or so he would come over; sheets got randomly changed; no huge feelings, just fun, familiarity. A quick kiss goodbye and you didn’t think of his muscular legs again.

   One night you got the text; you were out drinking and so was he. He came over; great sex prevailed but something different happened this time; he fell asleep on the couch as you nuzzled from behind. Your first inclination was to get up and blast loud music to make him wake up and leave; but you noticed something different, the smell of his hair (When did Pert Plus ever smell so good?) Without fear you kissed the back of his head and snuggled tightly from behind. damn, I think I love this person, you thought; falling asleep in new found bliss and dry mouth from the nights many Margarita's.

   You bombarded him with Texts after that; Joking at first, but then being serious by asking him out to dinner. He would vaguely text back how busy he was, which drove you bat-shit crazy. Some nights you Googled his name until you got any information on him; one lonely night you even Facebooked him.

   So can you date a f*k buddy? Usually the answer is no. Usually they meet someone else, have someone else or just aren’t the dating, marrying or friends type. Move on grasshopper because it hurts like hell to want someone who doesn’t want you.

Jared Padalecki is hot; who cares if he's a little dirty?
   I was at a fancy hotel last year and was enjoying too much over priced wine. As I stood and let my money go down the drain, who was standing next to me but "Supernatural" actor Jared Padalecki. Suddenly I got pee shy half way through. Jared is hot in person and so tall he made me feel like a girl...a very little girl. When he left the Restroom I wondered if WE could be; nah, he didn't wash his hands and his wife would probably mind.

   You seldom hook up with him now; it’s still good but not the same as before; he never falls asleep again at your place. He still hasn’t answered your Facebook request. You tell yourself he's not all that and don’t care about him and his hot pecs anymore; you lie to yourself.