Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Fall TV Shows; “The Ringer.” Should be disconnected, “The Secret Circle,” Puts a spell on you.

   Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV after starring on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” for 7 seasons. Unfortunately she has decided to return to TV in the badly written snore fest titled “The Ringer.” SMG plays sisters, one rich, one poor-all bore. Basically the poor one takes over for the rich when the rich pretends she’s dead. The poor one was a hooker/stripper and is running from the mob but is the “nice and sweet one” (who was her pimp, Mr. Rogers?) also wasted is the great Nestor Carbonell from “Lost” (who has better eyelashes than any Maybelline chick in a commercial) Carbonell isn’t given much to do but look bewildered and stare at papers most of the shows.

Geller is miscast here and it painfully shows; though she plays twins, Geller plays the roles boringly the same with the only difference being outfit changes; lame; you'd think she would sass it up as the sleezy one, but no. Catching up with the show as of 2012 shows they have at least givin Geller a blonder wig to play the slutty, or is that nutty twin?

In the end I have to say who cares about any of it. This show will go down faster than Dina Lohan after the bar is closed; I look forward to the next great thing SMG does; she deserves better. If you’re out of Ambien try watching “The Ringer.”

I have to say I’m never been a fan of TV shows starring a bunch of generic teenagers who all look alike, so I was apprehensive in watching the pilot for “The Secret Circle.” To my surprise “Circle” is fun, interesting and highly watchable, unlike The Ringer; you care about these characters and want to find out what happens next.

Unlike most youth centered shows “Circle” has fresh faces that do more than pout through their scenes. “Cassie Blake’s” mother dies under mysterious circumstances so she returns to her mother’s hometown, and finds out she is a witch with secret powers; she must stay in a witch’s coven to protect herself from various baddies, one being the great Gale Howard, who gives nasty a new name.

As of 2012 the show is still good; of course there is a stupid storyline with one of the twink witches going to a psychic (a cute psychis at that but corny) Also great was seeing Stepfanie Kramer from "Hunter" fame, pop up as sexy-maybe bad-maybe good witch grandma (The Secret Garden has the hottest looking parents and grannies you've ever seen on TV)

If “Circle” can keep up the twist and turns it will have a permanent place in my DVR, and my nightmares.

The Ringer airs Tuesday’s @ 9: pm on CW

The Secret Circle airs Thursday’s @ 9: pm on CW

Update: May 2012. Both shows were cancelled after just one season.