Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Should Adopted Children Be Put To Sleep?

Angelina Jolie is a famous adoptive mother before She and Brad Pitt had thier own children; sadly manychildless couples still refuse to adopt children in need; thinking they are broken in some way.

   I was having cocktails with a friend recently, ‘Beth’ has been trying to conceive for the last seven years with her husband, and still hasn’t been able to lay any eggs. Beth will be turning 41 soon. With vodka breath I asked her what her other friends and family didn’t dare ask her. “Why don’t you adopt?” Beth reacted like I asked her if she use to be a man.

   Beth ordered more booze from our dim bartender. Once the drinks hit the counter Beth’s switch was set to on. “I would never adopt; you don’t know where there from, who dropped them off and why.” I was mad at Beth, I understood her worry but it’s not like she would just drive up to the clinic and grab a kid by the pig tails and take them home. Adoption is a long and sometimes tedious situation.

   Adoptive children are special because they are not just born; they are chosen-like a scarf on sale at the Gap; I joke but many adoptive children face prejudice from people; some ignorant people believe that adoptive kids are broken; not true-though some are problematic with emotional issues due to being treated like dogs from their birth parents. Most adoptive children can be loving and crave the affection of someone giving a damn about them.

   It’s too bad Beth and her husband will never get the happiness that a loving and needy child could give them. What Beth doesn’t know is that I myself am adopted; and off course I had issues growing up, but my mother always told me I was the most important person in her life, and no matter what, she loved me like I came from her belly.

   So if you ever thought of having kids, and can’t; look into adoption; it’s amazing what you can see when your eyes are fully open.