Sunday, December 5, 2010

Top 4 Wacky Dates of 2010.

1. Forget Me Not: This guy found me on MySpace. He wrote me a very long message. Said he dumped me years ago and had now "grown up" and would I give him another chance? After hesitation I agreed and we set up a date. Never heard from him again.

2. Sticky Fingers: I met this guy online. He seemed cool but distant. I learned why on our first date; he was missing four fingers.

3.Blabalina Jones & The Temple Of Get Me Outta Here: This one showed up drunk, with no money, demanded to know how my family made thier money and told me, "I had my first gangbang at this very bar." If you can belive it; he still thought I should give him another chance!

4. This Dudes For You: We met at Starbucks. He said I had nice eyes as we sipped over priced burnt coffee. We had a lot in common and he laughed at everything I said. I looked into his blue eyes and dreamed of our future. He said he had a boyfriend who didn't understand him. I said go screw yourself.