Sunday, November 17, 2013

Broke Is A Joke. Tori Spelling Sex Tape Is Out There.

Times are tough these days, even grown-up rich kids like Tori Spelling are crying poverty. Spelling, who keeps having babies with a husband who never works, didn’t get much when her father, mega producer Arron Spelling hit the dirt. Now a week after Spelling whined she was broke, a sex tape of her and her dead beat hubby is said to have been “stolen” from their house and is on the market for sale. Spelling, who looks like a cross between a Tarsier monkey and Gollum from ”The Lord Of The Rings,” must be really desperate; who the hell wants to see Tori Spelling naked and having sex with her broke husband? Not anyone outside of prison.
Here is a way for you guys to make money; stop having some many children and make your husband get a frigging job already, even if it’s at Target.  
It’s hard to have sympathy for rich people when they cry poverty, I’m sure there are a few who legitimately lose everything, but most of them went broke by buying worthless crap. I refuse to contribute my tears for them when there are soldiers who come home from active service and can’t get a job; that is the real horror.

If this anonymous person who is selling their sex tape, actually sells the thing, I guess one can’t complain. Me, I’ll waste my hard earned money on another margarita.