Saturday, September 21, 2013

Zac Efron in Rehab for Cocaine; Will Monkey(or Elmo) Stay off?

Well another Disney Star's image gets flushed down the toilet; "High School Musical's" Zac Efron, 25,  has completed his second time in rehab this week.

Sources at various salons and gossip sites have reported that the squeaky clean actor has had addictions to cocaine and Ecstasy, which had many surprised because you never heard any gossip about the hunka-hunka-pretty-boy-cheese actor doing anything nasty.
Hopefully Efron can beat the demon's away with a bat.

One wonders if this is just a gimmick to give the handsome, yet dull actor some publicity as his career after the Disney films seems headed in the way of "Dancing With The Stars." and he doesn't seem to be on any hot casting directors list's; except the ones who want to bang him.

If it is a ruse to get attention don't be surprised if it works; Miley Cyrus loves showing her 12-year-old-Asian-boy body off and licking things like a dog in heat, and people "can't stop" talking and laughing about her.