Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Miley Cyrus Twerk’s Herself Out Of Vogue Cover.

Don’t fuck with Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine. Cyrus, 20, has already shot the photos that we’re going to be the Vogue cover story for the December 2013 issue. Well that’s until Cyrus danced a weird, rumored drugged out performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, in which she stuck out a tongue that a snake would have been embarrassed of; danced around like she’s got gonorrhea and played with a huge finger, that seemed wasn’t big enough for the former Hanna Montana star, who many are calling Whore-tana. When Wintour lowered her Tom Ford sunglasses and saw Cyrus; she was rumored to yell, “hell-to-the no!” and promptly canned her from being on the cover.
I have to say I’m glad that someone has class these days. This is Vogue magazine, not some moronic rag that features Kardashians and reality Stars with manure for brains, and don’t give me that crap about Cyrus is like Madonna, breaking rules; Madonna might have never been a lady, but she was a woman when she came out, not a little girl taking off her clothes every-time she’s not getting attention. When will people realize, sex is great, sex is good, but it’s not the only thing in the life. If we as a society would promote using our brains as well as our bodies we wouldn’t have so many unwanted pregnancies in the world, and so many people on medication for depression.
No word yet if Vogue will ever use the Cyrus pictures. Meanwhile Cyrus, who should be bored already, with taking off her panties when the wind hits, has just released a new song and video (Wrecking Ball) in which she’s naked on a wrecking ball, and licking a hammer; way to go Miley, why even wear clothes anymore at all? Just make all you’re feature appearances in the nude, this way when you’re dancing and moaning about in barely their clothes, your attentions won’t seem so transparent.