Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mitt Romney Picks Ryan, Hillary Clinton Starts Dancing

When Mitt Romney unveiled today that he picked Ken doll, and old people hater Paul Ryan for his running mate, Hillary Clinton couldn't stop dancing on her trip to South Africa. Maybe Clinton knows something about Ryan that we don't know.

Now Clinton didn't do white people any favors with her dancing moves, but in recent years has been showing a softer and funny side; way different than her old style which was all BB (Buisness Bitch) Now if we could only get her back into the White House as President, i'd be dancing too.

"Aqua Net is the shit."
Romney and Ryan (Now that sounds like a gay porn film) look like they will have high ass hairspray bills between them; get ready my Republican friends, this is where your donation money will be spent. God Bless America