Friday, May 4, 2012

What we DON’T need; Cell phone service to start in NYC subways in 2012.

If you’ve ever been on a bus, Starbucks or even waiting in line at CVS you probably are accustomed to some loud mouth on their cell phone, usually the conversation is boring and annoying; I wish one of these gabby geeks would at least talk about sex or killing someone for their inheritance; that’s a conversation I could listen to when waiting in line to buy Maalox and People magazine.

Transit Wireless, a company formed to respond to the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s requirement for a shared wireless for New York Transit, has announced service is available in two stations as of now (14th and 23rd streets) with 30 more in the incoming year, including Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Columbus Circle. It’s bad enough my doctor talks on his handsfree cell phone when he’s also asking me to turn my head and cough; now this, where does one go to these days without being subjected to asinine conversation?

Also with the stink of homeless drunks your NYC subway car will offer random groping; obese people trying to get into tiny spaces and if you’re lucky a good old fashioned mugging. If you really want to enjoy what the MTA is offering you can also use their free Wi-Fi; yeah, I really want people hanging all over me when I update my Facebook status to; it’s complicated.

I guess there’s some good news, if an emergency happens underground; you’ll have cell phone service to call for help because, “you’ve fallen and can’t get up!” though I just think it’s another way for narcissistic people to bombard you with their personal life; thinking every minute detail of their stupid day will have you gasping with anticipation, and unless your under 18-years-old, does anyone really care about listening to someone blab nonsense?