Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Are Asians & Indian Men Easier To Get In Bed?

THE BAR WAS trendy and the people more into their iPhones then the botoxed friends they hung with. I went through the crowd to find Pete; feeling more like-a gazelle on a conveyor belt-through the jungle -then a gay dude hanging at a bar; people here either want to f#$k you or f#$k you over. Pete is someone I’ve known on and off for years. One of those friends you have drinks with twice a year; if you don’t come up with a better excuse before you commit.

Laughs went on as trendy guys and girls all pretended they should be somewhere else. I was getting ready to hit the road when Pete said loudly, “If I don’t meet a guy soon I’ll have to grab an Asian or Indian guy.”

Wait a minute I thought, “What the hell are you talking about?” I asked, interested.

“You know, Asians and Indian guys love Caucasian men, and they’re so desperate to get them-they’ll do anything you want in bed.”

I was shocked by my friend’s stupid logic but I have to admit I’ve heard this before in passing conversation; could this be true I wondered? And was Pete racist or just being honest?

I’m not one of those bleeding hearts who cries every-time someone says something that’s not nice or political incorrect. I love making jokes about everything; I think when you make something taboo you give it power but Pete’s statement was more than a joke; it’s how he felt; how he believed things to be. He said it with no malice and as a matter of fact.

As the evening went on Pete’s logic ran in my mind. I did notice a large amount of Asian men in attendance, but they didn’t look more or less hornier then the rest; was there some eye signal I was missing, or maybe I didn’t hear when they whispered things like, “I love You Long Time, Whitey!” Or “Get Your Curry-In A Hurry-My Caucasian Stud!”

Fox “News” reported President Obama had a party at the White House, of course they didn’t elaborate that it was his birthday party; they turned it into some racist joke to appease their followers (whom when not watching Fox are sleeping with hookers or marrying one of their kin) The New York Times reported on August 10, 2011, “To most news Web sites, what happened at the White House on Thursday night was a private 50th birthday party for President Obama. To an editor at Fox News, it was something a little different. “Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs,” read the headline on an article on The Fox Nation, a conservative arm of “The president asked everyone to dance — and they did!” read the Politico account. The menu included barbecue chicken, ribs, hot dogs and salad. What no Chitlins?

Different ethnic groups will always be objectified by moronic people, it’s somewhat of a human trait to try to take down someone that you think is weaker than you out of fear, but to try and classify one group with only one trait is pretty damn asinine.

And let’s face it, most men; black; white; brown; yellow; Avatar colored-will do anything you want in bed, just ask.