Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are Manners and Joyce DeWitt Dead?

Coming out of the gym today I opened the door for a frizzy haired redhead; instead of thank you the redhead just gave me a dirty look. I have to say this pissed me off. Why couldn’t she utter thanks before she worked on her thighs? I feel like the art of saying please; excuse me; thank you; has been replaced by arrogance and annoyance. Does it really hurt to be polite?

Sometimes I leave the island of Manhattan and go to a smaller city. Doors are held open; smiles are given without wanting something in return. It throws me off until I get use to it. If you live long enough in New York you kind of morph into an un-thoughtful jerk, if you’re not careful.

On the American citizenship test, foreigners are required to learn things most American born people don’t know or care about like, “Who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner?” and “What is the judiciary branch of our government?” Do many Americans know the answers, I don’t.

I personally think manners should be a requirement on citizenship test. Certain cultures don’t require you to cover your mouth when you cough or wear deodorant in the summer. So instead of people learning about how many stars there are on our flag, why not teach them American manners; controversial? Yes; someone coughing in your face on a crowded subway? Gross.

In life you’re always going to have your sour apples and nasty people. We all have our days and that’s understandable. New York is crowded and busy. I’m just saying; let’s show each other a little respect and curtsey; it really doesn’t hurt I promise.

Joyce DeWitt is alive; she hasn’t acted much since Three’s Company went off the air in 1984. On July 4, 2009, DeWitt was arrested in California, and cited for drunk driving; I hope Jack, Chrissy or Mr. Furley never find out.