Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's So Great About LOVE?

 Mae West once said, “I was Snow White once but I drifted.” Has loved drifted? I think so. The only sign of love I see nowadays is when January rolls around and retailers are all ready forcing Valentine's Day down our throats; so its the love of greed I see. Heart shaped boxes next to Christmas stuff marked down by 75%, strange.

If you have your man; the pressure is on to make it an unforgettable 14th with sweet teddy bears dressed like prostitutes; tasty chocolate covered in cheap lace; oils sold in phallic shaped bottles.

   Hallmark starts you young and encourages you to give your fellow harassing classmates a Valentine. Even your teacher got one; what was her name; Ms. Cracktin? It’s embarrassing to think I gave my 3rd grade teacher (who was shaped like a pear) a card that said, I WUV U. WANNA SPOON?
Love is called a four letter word and it is. When it’s good it’s thrilling and makes you happy. When it’s bad it’s monstrous and lonely.

In Favor Of Love: You know it when you’re in love you can be with that person at any giving moment and don’t want them to leave. Their bad breath is ok, love handles obsolete and messed up hair not a problem. They make you laugh; feel good about yourself and you wonder what they’re doing throughout the day when you’re at work or the gym.

Indifferent With Love: Being stuck with the same person day after day. Wondering if they really are the right choice for you; jealousy; fighting; eating too much; thier TV choices; thier friend choices. Seeing them sit on the couch and get fatter; when you’ve been working all day and would love some passion. How the sex is so boring you have to think of Joe Manganiello; the hunky werewolf from "True Blood" to get you going.

I’m in favor of love; even when most of the time it doesn’t work out. It sucks to get hurt but it would suck more not to experience the feelings, even if it’s just for a short time. So Febuary 15th I'll be buying the Valentine's day chocolate for 50% off and enjoy being single.